Meatless Monday’s!



If you are anything like the hundreds of people I have talked to about food prep, you simply don’t have time to stand in the kitchen preparing a gourmet meal every night. You want simple, you want tasty and you want it now!  Well, if you prepare in advance, a healthy, filling, nutrient dense meal like this is only ten minutes away!  And if you aren’t sure if a vegan diet is right for you, why not try something new and try this Meatless Monday meal 🙂

This was a simple meal one night, lazy, lazy!

Black bean burger in the toaster . . . 4 minutes
Salad: romaine & spring greens, grapes, sunflower seeds, balsamic vinegar . . . 4 minutes
Zucchini sliced in half, tomato sauce poured on top, Daiya cheese sprinkled on top, broiled until melted . . . 4 minutes

If you do it in that order, you can make dinner for 2 in less than 10 minutes, whole food = fast food!!!

Author: Jennifer

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